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Are you struggling to think of a fabulous way to celebrate your birthday? Kickstarting 2020 vision with a birthday approaching? Why not organise a group of family and/or friends for a cruise out on the Sydney Harbour! Smart Cruiser offers fantastic packages of various sized boats with catering including drinks flowing for your birthday celebration! Kicking off 2020 with a birthday in January and with the summer sun out to play, you too can play enjoying a festive cruise catering for small or large groups. It’s not your standard run-of-the-mill birthday celebration, in fact it is a different way to spend your birthday, out on the water soaking up the views of Sydney. If it is a day cruise, we can stop by Manly for a swim and beach time. Rather than messing up your own home by having a birthday do at your house, why not let yourself and your friends and/or family be fully catered for in a unique way to kick off the next year? Smart Cruiser offers a fabulous way to see your birthday party a true delight for all guests and forget lacklustre ways to spend your birthday, celebrate it in style! We can cater for extremely large groups; some boats cater for hundreds of passengers but whatever the size of your group, we can cater for you. Hours of entertainment for you and your guests, we provide fun entertainment by our team members and ensure that you have a real blast!

Why Celebrating Birthdays Is Amazing

Whether it be a milestone birthday such as an eighteenth, twenty-first, thirtieth, fiftieth or sixtieth birthday or a birthday of any age, why not do something like going all out and organising a birthday cruise? Birthdays are a cause for celebration because it’s not only important for you but for your family as well. Birthdays seem to come and go as each year passes by but it is fantastic to get out and celebrate that special day of the year that is your birthday. With the new year of 2020 kicked off hopefully to a great start, if you have a birthday coming up, a birthday cruise with Smart Cruiser is a surefire way to enjoy and have your guests spoil you even just by being there to help you see your special day in a magnificent way. Birthdays allow you to feel special and spoilt by family and friends and it aids in positivity and high spirits which is great for your health and wellbeing. As we grow older, often people start to wane on their excitement over birthdays, however it is important to remind oneself that every birthday is special and it’s fantastic to have loved ones around us. Human beings crave connection and socialising and birthdays are a great excuse to get everyone together for a festive spirit. Get on out on a birthday cruise with Smart Cruiser and make some fabulous memories of your day.

Moving Forward

Now that New Year’s celebrations are done and dusted for another year, you might have your 2020 vision lens on with resolutions for your year ahead and future. With birthdays in January, kickstarting the year with resolutions and a birthday makes it a great time of the year to get out and enjoy life. If you have kicked off 2020 with great resolutions and goal setting, why not enjoy a birthday cruise to really enjoy the summer and a new year ahead. If your vision is for a healthier body and lifestyle such as weight management, exercising or nutritional diet, then take a moment to enjoy your birthday as one day where you don’t have to worry about this resolution. It’s your day to shine! Perhaps you made New Year resolutions to order Uber Eats less, join a gym, save money, travel more, socialise more… all very good resolutions and you can still achieve them while celebrating your birthday. No need for Uber Eats when you have a fully catered for birthday cruise and the money you have been saving can contribute towards your birthday celebration. Socialising, tick! Getting everyone together for your birthday is a massive social event of the year and what better way to do this than with a birthday cruise with Smart Cruiser.