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Luxury Boat & Yacht Hire Sydney

Spoil yourself with a truly magical experience on one of Sydney’s most luxurious super yachts.
Embark on one of our multi-million dolllars boat and let us guide you through the very best in sophistication and style, right at your doorstep.

For an extravagant week holiday, a special birthday celebration or quality corporate event, nothing compares with the beauty and excitement of having your very own superyacht, truly pampered and enjoying the very best in comfort, service, food, drinks and entertainment.

The event was incredible! Everything from the amazing staff on board, the service, Jason the chef and his food – it was all fantastic and we couldn’t speak highly enough of them. Thank you again for all of your assistance leading up to the event. From beginning to end – it has been a joy to work with you.

Maree Luke


Yes, luxury comes at a price, but with our extensive fleet , we will be able to offer more affordable vessels from 40 feet to larger boats of up to 145 feet for Sydney harbour. Be in touch, and start the luxury experience on the phone with us; we pride ourselves on great service, this is what our clients love and this is our commitment to you. A dedicated team, attentive and at your service anytime you need us.

Super Yachts are floating palaces, most with no expense spared, and with interior furniture sometimes just as expensive as the boats. Think mahogany tables, designer couches, custom made lounges , multiple dining and entertainment areas or even hot tubs and spas.
As you would expect, all boats have high speed Internet connections, flat screen TV with satellite and a massive library of films, play stations, as well as inflatable swimming pools, paddle board and kayaks for your entertainment.

If what you want is impeccable service, superb food menus crafter for you, and one of the most relaxing experience in Sydney and around, look no further. Our boats have glorious master suites for your overnight stays, regularly used by the rich and famous. This is five start hospitality, right in the middle of Sydney Harbour.
We only live once, and this is your chance to experience true luxury; All of this can be yours. At Smart Cruiser Sydney we would love to assist you finding the right boat , the one that truly meets your needs ,in order to create and deliver that special and memorable moment in your life. Contact us today for a chat and to organise a free boat inspection.

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From $1,500/h (up to 36 guests)
$1,000/h (up to 12 guests)
From $2,100/h (up to 24 people)
From $650/h (up to 18 guests)
From $1100/h - up to 30 guests
From $3,500/h (Up to 36 guests)
From $750/h - up to 25 guests
From $1,000/h - up to 36 guests
From $3,250/h (up to 80 guests)
From $2,250/h (up to 75 guests)
From $750/h (up to 33 guests)
From $1,500/h (up to 40 people)
From $1,250/h - up to 30 guests
From $1,600/h (up to 45 people)
From $2,100/h (up to 112 guests)
From $1,000/h - up to 30 guests
From $3,500/h (Up to 50 guests)
From $650/h (up to 22 guests)
From $650/h (up to 22 guests)
From $3,000/h (Up to 100 guests)
From $1,050/h - (Up to 35 guests)
From $1,000/h - up to 150 guests
From $2,800/h (up to 110 people)
From $2,750/h (Up to 12 guests)
$525/h (up to 10 guests)
From $3,250/h (up to 70 guests)
From $2,750/h (Up to 45 guests)
From $1200/h (up to 36 people)
From $750/h (up to 100 guests)
From $1,650/h (up to 34 people)
From $3,250/h (up to 36 guests)
From $750/h (up to 50 guests)
From $990/h - up to 41 guests
From $2,500/h (up to 110 guests)
From $1,000/h (up tp 49 guests)
From $1,200/h (up to 36 guests)
From $900/h - up to 48 guests
From $2,200/h (up to 64 guests)
From $950/h (up to 47 guests)
From $800/h (up to 49 people)
$800/h - Up to 120 guests
From $690/h (up to 23 guests)
From $1,800/h (up to 65 guests)
From $790/h (up to 35 guests)
From $5,250/h (up to 49 guests)
From $700/h (up to 30 guests)
From $800/h (up to 30 guests)
From $650/h (up to 50 people)
From $700/h - Up to 40 guests
From $950/h (up to 49 guests)



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