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Best spots to spend NYE 2016 in Sydney!

With literally millions of dollars spent on the event and millions of people coming to Sydney each year to witness some of the most iconic
and spectacular fireworks in the world, it is important to plan your night carefully and as early as possible.
Pick the right place, and you will most likely end up with magical lifetime memories; make the wrong choice and you may end up
with one of the most stressful, irritating and expensive night in your entire life. Still lifetime memories, but a rather different type…

If you are lucky enough to have a house, apartment, rooftop with a view, chances are that you are not reading this article; and that’s understandable.
For the majority of us, there are 3 great ways of spending NYE and below is a summary of our top 5 locations for each.

Top 5 harbour foreshore locations:

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1. Birchgrove Park:
Amazing views, not overly crowded and alcohol free (please check this closer to the date, as this rule may change).
2. Blues Point Reserve:
Top views, great if you live or stay north of the harbour. Arrive early, as crowds of 12,000 are expected here.
3. Darling Harbour:
Amazing location of course, lots going on, but no views of the Opera house from there and will be very crowded.
4. Illoura Reserve:
Beautiful spot, ideal for families and couples staying on the west side of Sydney and not willing to get right in the city. Located in Balmain East.
5. Benelong Lawn With The View, Royal Botanical garden
Possibly the best spot to be watching the fireworks from land, but you have to buy tickets and there is no alcohol allowed. Book very early.

Pros: Some truly spectacular locations and views of the fireworks. Maybe near you, and often Free!!
Cons: All good locations will be very crowded; You will HAVE to get there early – often as early as the early afternoon; Limited facilities (e,g, toilets) can be a problem; and lots of public spaces will have a NO Alcohol policy – so fireworks yes, but without the bubbles.
Tips: Be patient, and bring appropriate clothing for all weather.

Best harbour side restaurants, hotels or venues

Gala Opera House

1. Sydney Centrepoint Tower’s revolving restaurants:
Also offer grandstand views of the entire city and harbour. Our top pick if you don’t want to hassle of the crowd.
2. Opera House:
Combines best seats for the fireworks, concert and party. If you are visiting Sydney for the first time, this is the place to be for a truly memorable event in Sydney.
3. Peter Doyle’s at the Overseas Terminal
Top location, huge glass windows and nice food. Book early.
4. Altitude restaurant in the Shangri La hotel:
Sophisticated, fun, a great choice!
5. Camp on Cockatoo island:
A bit different and not for everyone, but the atmosphere is amazing and the views stunning. Make sure you sleep well the night before. 😉

Pros: Comfortable, weather proof, delicious food and wines and great views!
Cons: Only a handful of good tables, so book as early as you can or you might be sitting at the back and not see anything. Start saving, it can be a very expensive night.
Tips: Book early, and ask for a window seat, or you might be wasting your money.

Get on a nice boat!

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1. Catamaran for exclusive hire (e.g. Tiger II):
Starting at about $400/pers for exclusive hire, this is the most affordable way to enjoy a superb celebration with friends and family, like a local.
2. Jerry Bailey:
one of the only boat that guarantees allocated seating for dinner. Everything is included in the price and the boat isn’t overcrowded, running at 60% capacity only for more comfort.
3. Bella Vista:
Great boat for a younger crowd (25-45) ready for a fun night with food drinks and a great DJ to dance through the night. Large glass windows for top views of the fireworks.
4. Tall Ship Soren Larsen:
Watch the fireworks in style onboard a 1949’ authentic timber tallship. Only 100 passengers, everything included and you can even climb to the top of the mast. Lifetime memories guaranteed.
5. Luxury boat for exclusive hire (e.g. Ghost):
If you are looking for a true luxury experience, this is a superb boat; food, drinks service and quality staff for a very special night.

Pros: Fun, interactive, very best views, food and drinks included lots of options for exclusive or shared cruises and thrill to be on the water of course!
Cons: Can be expensive, queues to get onto the boats can be long.
Tips: Don’t spend hours researching which boat will be the closest to the harbour bridge, because you know what it doesn’t really matter. Instead focus on finding a boat that is comfortable and in line with what you need, as you will spend 7H onboard. Remember that the fireworks only last 15min and that no matter where you are on Sydney harbour, you will see them!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to have a chat and discuss your NYE 2016.
Whatever you decide, remember that many streets will be closed and parking will be just impossible, so really try and avoid to drive to the city. Ferries stop early in the day, so trains (and buses) remain the best form of transport – expect delays.
Our recommendation is to pick a location as close as you can from where you will be staying; avoid crossing the city if you can and no matter what happens, remember to be patient and enjoy any minute, remembering how lucky you are to be in one of the best city in the entire world to celebrate the New Year!!!

Happy New Year everyone.