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Weather can be unpredictable wherever you are and whatever the season. If you always played it safe with precautions for the weather, life would be very restricted! It’s a good time to do a charter all year round, different seasons just offer different benefits. Here are some lesser known insights as to why it can actually be beneficial to hire a boat in winter…


What are the benefits of doing a charter in winter?

Autumn (March, April, May) & Winter (June, July, August)

  • Off peak season: Lower prices
  • Enjoy the Vivid lights in May and June
  • Usually less wind in winter which makes for smoother sailing
  • Less busy so you can feel like you have the harbour almost to yourself with no-one over crowding the sweet spots
  • If you have hired a luxury boat, you can really make the most out of being inside and enjoying the opulent saloons and relaxing in impeccable interiors.
  • Whale watching season starts in June – yes whales do even come in to the harbour!
  • Statistically and on average, July – December have the least rainfall in Sydney
  • You will have a larger selection of boats to choose from and are more likely to be able to acquire a last-minute booking. Less forward planning required, spontaneity encouraged!


What type of boat is good for wintery or potentially wet days?

All boats have cover, but if you want to make sure you are set for rain or cold here are the things to ask the agent when choosing your charter vessel:

  • Does the boat have sides that can come down?
  • How much seating is there in the saloon?
  • How big are the windows (for viewing the harbour from inside)
  • Is there heating?
  • Hot drinks and cooking facilities
  • How stable is the boat in turbulence?
  • Pick up wharves – which ones have sheltered spaces to wait in


So if your birthday or special occasion falls in the ‘low season’, it’s really no inconvenience at all, just wrap up for the walk to the boat, then step in, sit back and get cosy!