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Here is what you need to know about Vivid!

Opera house

What is Vivid Sydney:

Vivid Sydney was launched in 2009 and began as a light festival promoting energy efficiency with light paintings displayed on the outside of the Opera House. It has quickly grown into a world renown event attracting 1,7 million visitors in 2015 and subject to tons of media attention. It is arguably one of the most spectacular outdoor lighting, music and ideas festival with lots of original and often activities around the CBD and Sydney Harbour.


When is Vivid Sydney 2016:

In 2016, Vivid Sydney will of course be bigger and better, and will be held for over 3 weeks, starting the 27 May and finishing on the 18 June, so you have no excuse to miss out. It will start at 6pm daily.


Something GOOD in 2016:

For the first time, all visitors will be able to see the Sydney Opera House lit with works by Indigenous artists! “Without a doubt this is the most important thing we are doing, Vivid is not always political but there is a time to do so,” said Ignatius Jones, the festival’s creative director. “This will absolutely go off.


Is Vivid Sydney free?Vivid interactions

Yes, Vivid Sydney’s displays are completely free to access, all over the city (Circular Quay, The Rocks, Martin Place, Walsh Bay and Darling Harbour), so bring your family and friends and go and have some fun. Make sure to stop and make the most of the interactive installations – you will find guides of “how to use them”. Why not buy delicious food from some of the food trucks near the opera house? Note that most concerts, cruises or bridge climb have admission fees.

Top music acts you don’t want to miss:

As always a wide range of new and more established performers and musicians will be giving live performance in some of Sydney’s best venues. Our top three include are:
– English electronic pioneers New Order who will play at the Opera House
Bjork who will play at Carriageworks;
–  Bon Iver , who opens the festival at the Opera House

lights harbour

Fun things to see/do in 2016:

Darling Harbour: It will be crowded, but it’s a great place to see and interact with some of the great installations this year.
Circular Quay: Lots of things to see there too, in the street and on buildings with of curse stunning views of the bridge and Opera House.
Taronga Zoo: Good place to go for a little adventure and check out the light walk featuring 10 enormous light sculptures, each representing a critically endangered animal – each of the size of two-storey house.
Bridge Climb: For the most adventurous, this is a great time to be brave and even experience this year’s addition of a “dancefloor in the sky”.
Harbour Cruise: with so many really affordable cruises, starting at $25/ticket, it would be a real shame not to include a little cruise in your itinerary. A couple of drinks, maybe dinner, and make sure to get dropped off at Circular Quay or Darling Harbour and finish the night walking around the installations.

How to get there and when:

With so many people attending over the 3 weeks, our best guess is that early in the second week (Mon/Tue)  of the festival will be the least crowded time. If you can avoid to drive to the CBD, do so, as traffic will be a problem,  so jump on a train and you’ll get right in the middle of the action. Note that there will be extra 3,500 public transport services for the period, so make the most if this!

See you in town! 😉