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Boat rental, for events, celebrations or holidays

Renting a boat is not only wonderful for water lovers. Also for parties and events, a boat is interesting. You can rent a boat for a day or a whole vacation. You can choose a small boat or a complete hunt for a party. A boat is always well cared for by the landlady, with everything you need, and it gives you a bit of freedom on the water. Also for events or company parties a boat is a unique place.  Whatever boat you want, almost everything is possible. You can rent a radar boat or a large vessel for a special occasion, such as product launches, weddings / weddings, and large or small events, such as a hunting or motor cruiser, a limousine boat with a steam engine, or a raft.  Rent boat for company party or event Very impressive are the radar boats and large ships, which you can rent for company parties, all kinds of parties, but also for business meetings or events. There is a suitable boat for every meeting or party. For example, in the Amsterdam waters, an original radar with steam engine will last for a celebration in style. On the boat it is like in another time, because everything is still in the old style. Great for a wedding or party in a nostalgic atmosphere.  Which boats can be obtained? There are many boats for rent, from small to very large.

Modern boats or old-fashioned boats.

From motor yachts to radar boats.  Motor cruises Hunt or motor yacht sailboats radar boats Line ships cabinets cabin cruiser Other  Boat rental for many people If you want to invite many people to an event on a boat, it is easy to see by choosing a large boat. Radar boats can accommodate 375 visitors, and bubbles are organized on this type of ship and there is a restaurant. It can be danced and everything is focused on an unforgettable event. For your guests, it will be a unique experience to glide across the water, surrounded by lights from the distant cities, while enjoying good food and drink and atmospheric music.

Huge boat for events or weddings.

If you are looking for a special venue for product presentations, corporate parties, scholarships or kickoffs, you can even rent a boat for up to 600 people. Such great locations include all the gadgets to make your presentation as perfect as possible and to have an extended party. You can choose sitdown dinner or go dinner. Everything is taken care of. The catering, the equipment, the decorations are tailored to your wishes and you are looking for spectacular entertainers on board. If you want to organize a big event, a stay on a ship is an impressive venue for a lifetime.  Feast on the water For every party there are boats to rent. Whether it’s a wedding party or a birthday or a presentation of a product. Getting together on a boat is always luxurious, always stylish and always attractive. For about 50 people you can think about hiring a saloon boat. For smaller groups on a yacht, for large groups of people on a radar boat.

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Boat rental for holidays

You can also rent a boat for a holiday. If you like water and sailing, and if you want an adventure holiday, this is a must. You do not always need a shipping license. You need a shipping license for: Boats (sails or motor vehicles) longer than 15 meters that go faster than 20 km per hour. Water Scooters Jet ski is Rubber boat less than 15 meters and faster than 20 km per hour. Motor boat less than 15 meters in length and faster than 20 km per hour For every vehicle on the water that runs faster than 20 kilometers per hour, you need a shipping license

What motor boats are there?

Some motor boats are started manually and controlled from the tiller. Others have electric starter, steering wheel and throttle control from the center console. You choose the boat type that suits you the most.  The smallest boats start at 10 or 15 hp. Somewhat bigger and faster are boats with 25 or 30 HP. These boats are usually suitable for two to five people.  There are speedboats starting from 40 HP upwards, for which one needs a boat license.  Insurance  The boat rentals are licensed and insured. Liability insurance covers damage to third parties. This means that you are financially responsible for damage to the rental boat caused by you. Maybe you should check with your holiday insurance or private liability, whether a rental boat is covered by one of these insurance.


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