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Boat hire

Water Transfers

Whether a special occasion, a time saving mode of transport or just for fun, we have the vessel to suit you!

Transfers are a great way to move people about Sydney. We arrange boat transfers for many different reasons and for groups of many different sizes (Up to 950 guests!). The most common transfers are wedding transfers and corporate. For even larger groups we can use multiple boats.

Take a look at the boats we have available for transfers and we are always happy to help you select the right boat

Our experience on board Dreamtime completely exceeded our expectations! Smart Cruiser Sydney have provided an incredibly thorough service from beginning to end and created an amazing day for my guests with beautiful décor, amazing food and personalised service from staff on board. We will be keeping Smart Cruiser Sydney’s details on file and be booking them for another “money can’t buy” experience on Sydney Harbour!”


Brian Walsh

Executive Director of Television @ FOXTEL

Take a 2 hour water transfer cruise aboard one of our vessel and start or finish at your favourite waterfront restaurant or sporting event.

A water transfer is ideal for a short cruise before lunch/dinner or a pre-reception cruise on Sydney Harbour.

So, if you’re looking for something special for your partner, a significant birthday, an anniversary or to simply have a fabulous weekend, give in to pure pleasure and ring us and enquiry about hiring a private vessel for an overnight or extended cruise experience.

Find Your Best Transfer Vessel:






From $750/h (up to 18 guests)
From $750/h - up to 25 guests
From $800/h - Up to 65 guests
From $1,100/h - up to 450 guests
From $2,200/h - up to 950 guests
From $590/h (up to 22 guests)
From $450/h - up to 16 guests
From $650/h (up to 22 guests)
From $450/h - up to 10 guests
From $950/h - (Up to 35 guests)
From $1,000/h - up to 150 guests
From $495/h - up to 22 guests
From $1,050/h - (up to 240 guests)
From $500/h - up to 18 guests
From $975/h - up to 150 guests
From $495/h (up to 4 guests)
From $1200/h (up to 36 people)
From $1,000/h (up to 100 guests)
From $1,220/h - up to 480 guests
From $480/h (up to 4 guests)
From $450/h (up to 30 people)
From $990/h - up to 41 guests
From $550/h - up to 185 guests
From $550/h - up to 130 guests
From $450/h - up to 18 guests
From $400/h (up to 12 guests)
From $325/h - (up to 12 guests)
From $575/h - Up to 80 guests
From $962/h - Up to 220 guests
From $784/h - Up to 90 guests