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Discover Sydney’s Largest Boats

If you are reading this, chances are that you are responsible for the organisation of an important event for your company, social group, political party, wedding or private celebration.
A large number of guests will attend and the spotlight is already on you. This is a huge task and we certainly understand the pressure that you must feel right now. The good news is that we are here with our unparalleled expertise to help make your event a success.

Some of our key clients include Yahoo, Lion Nathan, Westpac, ANZ, Foxtel and more

There are lots of big boats available on Sydney harbour, all of which have their own particular pros and cons. At Smart Cruiser Sydney, we have extensive knowledge of over 120 boats; the largest of which cater for over 1,000 guests for cocktail functions, and up to 700 for sit down lunches or dinners.

The team had a fantastic night 
The food, beverages and the boat was great 
I would like to thank your team they were very accommodating polite and nothing was too much for them
There was nothing we could fault 

Christine Roditis

Woolworths Food Group

So no matter how big your function is, there is an ideal boat for you in Sydney and we have access to it! By asking questions and listening to your requirements we will recommend a selection of boats best suited to your event. Here are some of the questions you must be asking yourself:
– Which boat has the best food?
– Which one is the most stylish?
– Which one specialises in weddings?
– Which one is good for corporate events?
– Which one is ideal for a large party?
– Which one is the most affordable?
– Which one offers the best value?…

With so many options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and to waste a lot of time. Now the good news is that we will be able to answer all your questions, and guide you though this journey, so please contact us if you wish to discuss. We are eager to help!


Smart Cruiser Sydney is your point of contact to help you find the perfect floating venue. As an independent agency, our reputation is built on making sure we match our clients’ needs with the most suitable experience for them. We have no interest in selling you something you don’t want; what we offer is a real consultancy service, with unlimited advice, emails, calls, and meetings – for absolutely no charge!
So not only do we guarantee to find you the best boat for your event, we will also save you a lot of time by giving you professional and customised advice, PLUS we can guarantee the best market price for all our boats.

There is no catch: All rates are set by the boat operators, so you don’t need to ring around all the agencies and boats in Sydney, as we will always offer you the best market rates for the boats we sell. So make it easy for you, call us on 02 9191 0357 and let us do the hard work! 😉

Find Boats For Up To 1,000 Guests:






from $2,500/h - Up to 420 guests
From $1,240/h - up to 150 guests
From $900/h - Up to 400 guests
From $1,800/h - Up to 950 guests
From $1,500/h - Up to 380 guests
From $1,100/h - up to 450 guests
From $990/h - up to 95 guests
From $2,200/h - up to 950 guests
From $1,200/h - up to 300 guests
from $1,250/h - Up to 400 guests
$1980/h - Up to 250 guests
From $1,550/h - Up to 950 guests
From $1,000/h - up to 150 guests
From $1,050/h - (up to 240 guests)
From $975/h - up to 150 guests
From $850/h (up to 100 guests)
$3,000 - Up to 230 guests
from $1,375/h (up to 380 guests)
From $1,220/h - up to 480 guests
From $950/h - Up to 100 guests
From $550/h - up to 185 guests
From $500/h - up to 120 guests
From $550/h - Up to 300 guests
From $550/h - up to 130 guests
From $850/h - Up to 80 guests
From $650/h - up to 130 guests
From $575/h - Up to 80 guests
POA - Up to 200 guests
From $962/h - Up to 220 guests
$750/h - Up to 120 guests
From $450/h (Up to 80 guests)
From $784/h - Up to 90 guests