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Catamaran Hire

With over 20 sailing catamarans for hire in Sydney, you will be spoiled for choice with Smart Cruiser Sydney. Catamarans are affordable, comfortable, they look great, and allow for a good number of guests to enjoy a fantastic time on Sydney Harbour. Corporate events, hens parties, birthdays, weddings… Catamarans are by far the most popular boats on Sydney harbour for groups of up to about 45 guests.

There is nothing not to love about them: quiet and peaceful for a beautiful twilight cruise, but also a lot of fun for all celebrations with a wide range of activities on offer including: mingling, dancing, swimming, diving off the boat, snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding… Or simply enjoy a day sunbathing on the water!

Thank you for assisting me in organising the whole day especially for a last minute booking!
Seriously, the whole group enjoyed themselves, it was a perfect size for us and so affordable for a public holiday. I would definitely recommend people to book a boat with Smart Cruisers Sydney! It was an experience we will never forget and one that makes us want to do it again in the future!

Rona David

Private celebration

Prices range from about $1,300 for a 4H hire for 20 guests, to… much more for the more luxurious and large catamarans.

BYO charters are very popular with catamarans and in fact some boats have a BYO only policy – How good is that! Saying this, most boats offer a good range of catering – and sometimes beverage – menus; these are great for corporate events but also for any stress-free experience with maximum comfort. Meals include gourmet breakfasts, BBQs, buffets, platters and finger food options; all menus are of course available on the website.

Let’s not forget music: the key ingredient to a fun event of course – and all boats are equipped with a loud sound system to which you can simply plug in your iphone/device. They all have a standard headphone cable to play music from 99% of all devices. Easy!

So if you are keen to have a good time and don’t want to spend a fortune, don’t think twice, get a catamaran for your next event. But be warned, all these catamarans are VERY VERY popular and they are ALL booked out each weekend, all year long, so if you want to secure a good date and time (e.g. Sat from 1pm to 5pm), don’t wait and book early. We recommend to book at least 3 months in advance for the summer season.

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From $450/h (up to 30 guests)
From $550/h (up to 50 guests)
From $450/h (up to 20 guests)
From $600/h (up to 43 guests)
From $500/h (up to 30 guests)
From $550/h (up to 50 guests)
From $600/h (up to 47 guests)
From $525/h (up to 35 guests)
From $600/h (up to 40 guests)
From $350/h - up to 30 guests
$580/h (up to 35 people)
From $500/h (up to 34 guests)
From $600/h (up to 43 guests)
From $550/h (up to 33 guests)
From $288/h - (up to 14 guests)
From $325/h (up to 20 guests)
From $325/h (up to 20 guests)
From $400/h - up to 30 guests
From $500/h (up to 30 guests)
From $325/h (up to 20 guests)
From $500/h - up to 30 guests
From $700/h (up to 45 guests)
$325/h - up to 20 guests
$320/h - up to 20 guests
From $325/h (up to 20 guests)
From $375/h - up to 30 guests
From $400/h (up to 30 guests)
From $490/h (up to 44 guests)
From $325/h - (up to 20 guests)
From $350/h (up to 20 guests)



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