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Wedding Cruises Sydney

Imagine exchanging vows under the stars, surrounded by the sparkling blue sea. Or celebrating your first few moments as husband and wife while the sun dips into the ocean. At Smart Cruiser Sydney, our experienced team can guide you in building your dream wedding on the water, on a beach, park or even at a waterfront venue, tailoring every detail to your specific wishes.
With such stunning views, and so many venues, Sydney harbour leads the way when it comes to a romantic, fun and unforgettable weddings.


 Our experience on board Dreamtime completely exceeded our expectations! Smart Cruiser Sydney have provided an incredibly thorough service from beginning to end and created an amazing day for my guests with beautiful décor, amazing food and personalised service from staff on board. We will be keeping Smart Cruiser Sydney’s details on file and be booking them for another “money can’t buy” experience on Sydney Harbour!”

Brian Walsh

Executive Director of Television @ FOXTEL

A wedding and reception onboard one of our vessel, will allow you to host your day your way, most boats having versatile set ups for groups of up to 950 of your most-cherished guests!
Smart Cruiser Sydney will work with you to find the venue that truly suits your style and budget as we listen and discover your vision. It’s your wedding, it has to be crafter for you and that’s really what we enjoy doing. Brides and grooms to be love that our boats have easy and magnificent wedding options for catering, drinks, as well as entertainment + a wide range of amazing suppliers that we can recommend as florists, photographers, bands… and for anything that might be slightly “out of the box”.

Why not have the reception on shore, on an island, or on the boat? Use the boat for the party only, for dinner, or simply for a fun transfer between venues. Formal dinning, cocktail reception, luxury cruise, sensational buffets, intimate bar lounge, and an upper alfresco style deck… there is not a lot you can’t do on Sydney harbour to make your wedding truly beautiful.
Give us a call on 02 9191 0357 we will be happy to talk you through some of our best weddings and help you come up with your dream day!


Find your dream wedding boat:






from $2,500/h - Up to 420 guests
From $4,000/h (up to 36 guests)
From $3,200/h (up to 50 guests)
From $2,000/h (up to 36 guests)
From $1,500/h (up to 36 guests)
From $1,800/h - Up to 950 guests
From $2,100/h (up to 24 people)
From $1,500/h - Up to 380 guests
From $3,250/h (up to 80 guests)
From $2,250/h (up to 75 guests)
From $1,500/h (up to 40 people)
From $1,600/h (up to 45 people)
From $2,100/h (up to 112 guests)
From $2,200/h - up to 950 guests
From $1,200/h - up to 300 guests
from $1,250/h - Up to 400 guests
From $650/h (up to 22 guests)
$1980/h - Up to 250 guests
From $1,550/h - Up to 950 guests
From $950/h - (Up to 35 guests)
From $1,000/h - up to 150 guests
From $2,800/h (up to 110 people)
From $1,050/h - (up to 240 guests)
From $3,250/h (up to 70 guests)
From $975/h - up to 150 guests
From $850/h (up to 100 guests)
From $495/h (up to 4 guests)
From $1200/h (up to 36 people)
From $1,000/h (up to 100 guests)
From $1,650/h (up to 34 people)
$3,000 - Up to 230 guests
from $1,375/h (up to 380 guests)
From $3,000/h (up to 100 guests)
From $480/h (up to 4 guests)
From $950/h - Up to 100 guests
From $550/h - up to 185 guests
From $2,500/h (up to 110 guests)
From $500/h - up to 120 guests
From $400/h (up to 12 guests)
From $2,500/h (up to 60 guests)
From $690/h (up to 23 guests)