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Sydney Harbour measures around 19km long and 55km squared, it has over 20 swimmable beaches and 586 species of fish,, so there’s plenty of places to discover and keep you occupied. A boat charter will be your key to get off-land for the day and adventure in to the jewel of the city.

The short answer is that there is no set route for where your boat will go, although there are certain landmarks that all skippers won’t want you to miss. The only slight limitation is that most boats do not go past the heads up to Manly unless agreed beforehand. It takes a while to get there so this would need to be pre-arranged in the schedule. But we’d recommend staying within the harbour if you haven’t pre-arranged a Manly pick up, allowing you to make the most of your time with the your boat for the day.

Treat the boat as your own during your charter: if you have a few places in mind where you’d like to go, simply have a quick chat to the skipper at the start of the cruise and let them know. If you have no ideas and are happy to let them take the reigns, you can be assured that they’ll have a few options ready for you based on their expert knowledge about he harbour, and bearing in mind the weather on that day. Your experienced skipper will know exactly where the sweet spots are and which types of locations will be exciting for your group.

All cruises will take you past the world famous Opera house and Sydney Harbour Bridge; prime Instagram / photo opportunity spots, plus it’s an entirely different perspective seeing these huge landmarks than from the water. No crowds, so nobody to block your picture perfect view. Usually you will be taken for a cruise round the harbour before pulling up near a sought after secluded beach so you can jump off and swim, snorkel if you wish, or even do some fishing. Usually at this point the staff will help prepare your food whilst you have a splash or a sunbake before satisfying your appetite before the cruise home. Have a chat to us to discuss which wharf locations that will be best suited to your plans for pick up and drop off. Keep an eye out for our upcoming blog about the best places to go before and after your cruise.