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A boat is an ideal event venue for ultimate mingling and memory making. However when you are organising an event for a large number of people it can be easy to be put off by being concerned about guests that could potentially have sea sickness, a valid concern but there is a solution to this and it’s all in the type of boat you choose.

Some Boats are built in more of a ‘houseboat’ style; steady, reliable, extremely stable and very decently sized. These boats usually also have a very ‘open plan’ style that is means generally people aren’t separated and are all in the space together.

Going for something stable and reliable does not mean compromising on style and any luxuries, plus it generally means better harbour views from their large glass windows. Here is a run down of the most stable, stylish boats in Sydney:

Hamptons Sydney

The most newly refurbished boat on Sydney Harbour, all interiors and furnishings are inspired by the famously affluent ‘Hamptons’ in New York. The flowers in vases covering the boat are testament to quite how stable this boat is.   Capacity: 100 guests


Every deck on this boat is spacious, including the amazing dance floor if the party goes that way. If anyone isn’t feeling relaxed they can simply go and soak up some bubbles and lounge around in the on board jacuzzi ????
Capacity: 50 guests

Sydney Glass Island

Ultra elegance on a large scale. This moving glass beauty boasts chandeliers, silk velvet walls and 18th century stands and buffet.
Capacity: 350 guests


Even at full capacity this boat is comfortable, taking in and turning out nearly 1,000 happy guests every charter. Think of this as a floating cathedral come ball room, that just so happens to sail well too.
Capacity: 950 guests