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Who doesn’t dream of a week indulging on a 100 feet super yacht, sipping champagne, eating lobster, going diving and sunbathing on the deck, totally pampered by an attentive crew dedicated to looking after you 24/7? I know I wouldn’t mind. 😉 Now, unfortunately that isn’t something that most of us can afford each time we get a week off, but is hiring a nice charter boat on Sydney harbour out of reach, or are there some more affordable options? A wide range of vessels are available and it all comes down to what your expectations and demands are, and essentially what you really care about when you are imagining your dream charter. Here is a run down of what prices start from and how you can save on costs, for people in all situations; Frugal, Flexible or Ready to Splash out…


Frugal: Starting prices

Boats for you: Catamarans, Fishing boats, small motor boats, sailing boats

Starting price: $65/person

What am I paying for?

Petrol for the boat, staff, wharf fees. You need fewer staff for catamarans vs other types of boat, one reason why costs can be kept down. Also a lot of catamarans have been specifically designed and purchased for charters, they are in high demand so can price themselves reasonably. Being one of the most popular boats for charter they need to price themselves competitively. Even if you would like to have catering on your boat, prices can be very reasonable, starting at as little as $15/person.

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Flexible: Mid range budgets

Boats for you: Luxury Catamarans, motor boats

Starting Price: $95/person

What am I paying for?

The standard petrol, staff and wharf fees but also the extras which can be impeccable maintenance, sleek furnishings, extra space, ‘accessories’ such as paddle boards, often the bathrooms are more like ‘household’ bathrooms too. They have the extra wow factor. Often the maximum passengers allowed on these charters are lower than the maximum that the boat can really hold, to give you a really spacious charter. If you want to go for something a little luxurious you can still save on costs by choosing BYO over catering where possible, or booking boats outside of peak season (April – October). Starting prices for food catering start around $25/person.

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Flaunt: Ready to Splash out

Boats for you: Luxury boats, Large boats, Superyachts

Starting Price: $145/person for luxury or large boats and $245/person for superyachts

What am I paying for?

The cost of the acquisition is always very high for these yachts so charter prices will always be higher to meet their value. Petrol tends to be a lot more expensive, as well as the upkeep, higher quality furnishings and fittings mean more care and more time needs to be taken for their upkeep. A lot of these boats do not allow BYO which means extra staff costs, by means to enhance your ‘luxury’ experience so you really do not need to lift a finger. With large boats you can often get something quite luxury but with higher numbers, the price per person is still reasonable. As with luxury catamarans, numbers of passengers are often limited to give you as much space on the boat as possible. There are often luxury accessories also, jacuzzis, premium sound systems etc. For food catering, prices start at about $40/person for large or luxury boats and $70/person for superyachts. Generally 1 wait staff is required for every 10 people on the superyachts, prices are generally $250 per staff for 4 hours.

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